California Apartment Association:  There is a reason CAA is now one of California’s most influential and powerful lobby.  But for CAA, we would have vacancy control and other extreme rent laws.  CAA knows how to work with the Legislature and the Governor, and there is not one legislative session that occurs without CAA’s substantial and effective input.  

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San Francisco Apartment Association:  This is The City’s premier trade organization for multifamily properties.  SFAA produces not just the best but the only residential lease agreement for its members.  The organization also provides weekly classes, lectures, and informative meetings.  The staff is comprised of unbelievably devoted and talented individuals. 

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Professional Property Management Association of San Francisco:  If you are a property management or a vendor that services investment properties, PPMA is an invaluable organization.  The membership is inviting, knowledgeable, and, quite frankly, down to earth.  PPMA provides management forms and industry know-how to its membership and is an active industry partner with SFAA. 

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Vertex Property Management Group:  This is our property management company.  Vertex is a full-service management firm with dedicated property managers, maintenance staff, and leasing professionals. 

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San Francisco Rent Board:  This City agency is charged with effectuating the rent laws that are passed by the Board of Supervisors and the voters. 

Meals on Wheels:  This wonderful nonprofit organization provides vital food and nutrition to seniors and adults with disabilities in need.

Georgetown University Master’s Degree in Real Estate:  Learn from the nation’s leading real estate experts. 

Coming soon:  The Coalition for Better Housing, or CBH, was founded in 1979 to advance property rights in the era of rent control through the political processes.  CBH was active from its inception through 2019.  During the COVID-19 pause, CBH board members decided to suspend the organization’s activities and to invest time into re-branding CBH as a productive industry partner with SFAA, CAA, PPMA, and others.  That effort remains alive today, with plans to re-start CBH in 2022.

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